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Hello amazing MLA membership,

I am contacting you today in need of your help.

Recently, a bill about libraries (HB 986) had an amendment added to it. If passed, this would have a devastating impact on Missourians' ability to access meaningful and relevant resources from the public libraries. This bill and the amendment would prevent libraries from loaning many types of materials that citizens use to grow their businesses, innovate, and solve challenges in their lives.

I am asking you to help us stop this bill and the amendment from moving forward by contacting your legislators and urge them to not support HB 986 and the amendment. Please, reach out to your Representative and Senator today using this Advocacy Form. This tool will find your legislators for you, and it has a pre-written message to tell your legislator how this bill would negatively affect your library and your community. The text of the message can be edited to add any specific issues or concerns you see harming your library and your community by this bill.

In addition, I am including a messaging letter that can be emailed, mailed, or used to help with a phone call to your legislators. This letter has very similar messaging used in the Advocacy Form.

Lastly, please share this Advocacy Form and the letter with your colleagues and community.

We need more than just librarians reaching out to their legislators. Please, share this widely with your fellow Missourians.

If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to let me know.

I appreciate you and your support of your library!

Best Regards,
Cody Croan
MLA Legislative Committee, Chair


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