MLA Featured Library Employee — Geri Godber

Meet our Featured Library Employee for the Missouri Library Association, Geri Godber!

What is your name, your library, and your role at the library?

Geri B. Godber; Christian County Library (today is my last day); Executive Director

What originally got you interested in working at a library?

I have a degree in Chemistry, but in my senior year of college I realized I did not like working in the lab. I loved the theory of chemistry, but not the application. I heard about being a Scientific Librarian – doing the literature research for the folks in the lab and that was my goal. However, life took me down the public library road and I have not looked back.

What keeps you coming back every day?

My staff. They are wonderful…plus, knowing we are here to help people.

What’s challenging about your work?

Keeping all the fires stoked, but not allowing anything to boil over! It has been a crazy year with COVID and managing two construction projects. By April, CCL will have four branches in the county! We are very excited to have 4 beautiful libraries for the people of Christian County.

Has your work made you either curious, or passionate, or awestruck about something?

I would say helping veterans, seniors, and individuals with mental illness. They need us most.

Who is one of your mentors?

Without a doubt, Jim Schmidt of Springfield-Greene County Library. He is the best.

What book, author, artist, show, or music are you engaging with this week, either personally or professionally? Persuade us in one or two sentences that we should pick this up, too.

Well, I am moving to Oregon so my time this past month has been quite engaged with watching/ listening to old seasons of The Great British Bake Off or Ink Masters while I sort through and pack all of my belongings. I have a soft spot for the United Kingdom, baking, and tattoos.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with us?

I have accepted a position in Oregon as the Library Director for Tillamook County Library System. My time at CCL has been great with the support of past and present employees, the Board of Trustees, and the support of the folks of Christian County. However, I was widowed a few years ago and it is time for a fresh start. I am from Missouri so it will always be home, but I am looking forward to some new stars in the sky and living on the coast. Thank you to my MLA colleagues, my staff, and Trustees. It has been a great time in MO, but onward I must go!


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