Here are posted approved minutes from MLA board meetings. See the Financials page for the full list of Treasurer’s Reports prior to 2018.


2018.01.26  Minutes and Treasurer’s Report

2018.04.13 Minutes and Treasurer’s Report

2018.07.13 Minutes and Treasurer’s Report (will be approved in October)


2017.01.06 Minutes and Treasurer’s reports for

2017.04.28 Minutes and Treasurer’s reports for January, February and March

2017.07.21 Minutes and Treasurer’s reports for April, May, and June


2016.10.04 Approved Minutes

2016.10.04 Board.Retreat Approved Minutes

2016.07.17 Approved Minutes

2016.04.15 Approved Minutes

2016.01.29 Approved Minutes



2015.01.16 Minutes

2015.04.17 Minutes

2015.07.24 Minutes

2015.09.29 Minutes

2015.11.13 Minutes



11-14-2014 MLA Board Meeting Minutes

10-09-2014 Annual Business Meeting Minutes

10-07-2014 MLA Board Meeting Minutes

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