Your MLA Board

Claudia Young

President (2022)
Missouri River Regional Library

Cindy Thompson

Past-President (2022)
Dean of Libraries
UMKC University Libraries

Otter Bowman

President-Elect (2022)
Library Outreach
Daniel Boone Regional Library

Margaret Conroy

ALA Councilor (July 1, 2019-June 30, 2025)
Executive Director
Daniel Boone Regional Library

Brent Sweany

Treasurer (2022) and Member-at-Large (2021-2022)
Head of Health Sciences Library Operations
University of Missouri-Kansas City

Rachelle Brandel

Secretary (2022) and Member-at-Large (2022-2023)
User and Engagement Services Specialist
Missouri Baptist University

Jason Phinney

Assistant Treasurer (2022) and Member-at-Large (2022-2023)
Reference Librarian
Windsor Branch, Jefferson County Library

Kimberly Moeller

Membership Committee Chair (2022) and Member-at-Large (2022-2023)
Instructional Services Librarian
University of Missouri-Columbia

Amy Held

Member-at-Large (2021-2022)
Youth Services Librarian
Jefferson County Library Arnold Branch

Diana Platt

Member-at-Large (2021-2022)
Virtual Collections Librarian
Kansas City Public Library