Library Advocacy Day

This year’s Library Advocacy Day will be different than in years past. This year, it will be completely virtual and last throughout the week. Registration will be free, but is required for Orientation on Monday, February 22nd.

Orientation will be on Monday, February 22nd from 9:30am to 12pm.

Virtual Meetings will be hosted February 23rd, 24th, and 25th. Set up appointments with your senators and representatives! Contact your legislators’ offices and offer to host the meeting, unless they prefer to create and host the meeting themselves.

Join us for 2021 Library Advocacy Week February 22nd through February 25th.

Don’t forget to set up your appointments with your senators and representatives! If you are not sure who you senator or representative is or if you need to find contact information, use these links:
Missouri Senators –
Familiarize yourself with the MLA Legislative Priorities for 2021 – (PDF: 2021 MLA Legislative Priorities) (Word: 2021 MLA Legislative Priorities

Library Appropriations FY10-FY21

Public Library Access

REAL Program

Why Advocacy Day?

Librarians, library trustees and friends from across Missouri come together on one day to meet with State Representatives and Senators to discuss the importance of all libraries — academic, public and school — and their contributions to the lives of Missourians.

Through meetings with elected officials, we raise awareness of the importance of State Aide to Public Libraries and the services of the Missouri State Library.

By coming together in Jefferson City on Missouri Library Advocacy Day, we promote libraries in a visible way, and by our numbers, show the importance of libraries state-wide.  Face-to-face discussion is the most effective means of communication and is essential to the establishment of a solid working relationship.

While this event is important, it is only one communication with your legislators.  Your meeting with your legislator should make it easier to contact him/her during the session as issues arise and we ask for your support. Building long term relationships with your legislators is the key to effective communication. This event is a great opportunity to begin building relationships with your elected officials.

Materials for Download:

MLA Legislative Priorities 2021 (PDF) (Word) – make sure you are familiar with these.

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Questions? Contact Dan Brower, MLA Legislative Committee Chair,

Legislative Committee



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