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NOTICE: Job listings are not to be posted via MLA email discussion lists.  All job listings must go through the Jobline here:  

To subscribe to a list, click on the appropriate link below and replace “FirstName LastName” in the body of the email with your name.  Leave the subject blank and send your request.

If you have webmail and cannot use the links to open email, start a message to  Leave the subject blank.  In the body of the email, type:
Subscribe <name of list><FirstName><LastName>
Example: Subscribe MLA-Membership Lily Librarian

To unsubscribe from a list, click on the appropriate link below.  Leave the subject blank and send your request.  If you have webmail, follow the instructions above, substituting “unsubscribe” for “subscribe.”

If you are having trouble with the list subscriptions or the listservs, contact for assistance.

Archives of each list are found at  All Missouri Library Association electronic discussion lists are hosted by our collaborative partner, Amigos Library Services.

MLA-Membership General Membership list
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Committee and Community of Interest Listservs

ASCI-L Access Services CI list
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BUILDINGBLOCKS-L Missouri Building Block Picture Book Committee
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INTELLFREEDOM-L Intellectual Freedom Committee
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MLACIT-L Computer and Information Technology CI list
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MLAGENE-L Genealogy and Local History CI list
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MACRL-L Missouri Association of College and Research Libraries list
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MLAPEER-L Professionalism, Education, Employment, and Recruitment CI list
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MLAPL-L Public Libraries CI list
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MLARGI-L Reference and Government Information CI list
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MLATS-L Technical Services CI list
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  1. Using Gmail, I needed to remove the ‘Body=’ in order to successfully subscribe to any lists. The body of my successful email read, ‘​Subscribe MLACIT-L ​​Amanda Endicott’ I hope this helps someone!


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