Performer Showcase

2014-2015 Presenter’s List

For more details on the specific programs planned for 2014-2015, please refer to, pages 39-44.


Contact: (314) 961-6912, 1-888-963-2272 (ABRA),,

Animal Tales

Contact: 1-800-589-5408,,

Cost & time: Cost: $350 for first program, $195 for each additional on same day. Special discounts for referrals and libraries with multiple branches.

Brian Wendling: Juggling! Comedy! Energy!

Contact: 816-561-4695,,

Bryd Productions

Contact: 816-305-8188,,

Circus Kaput

Contact: 314-803-2503,,

Fran Stallings, Storyteller

Contact: 918-333-7390,,

Cost & time: Availability: Southwest Missouri

Happy Faces Entertainment, LLC

Contact: 816-309-2460,,

Heather Harlan, Storyteller

Contact: 573-445-2310,,

Cost & time: Audience tailored performances are generally 30-60 minutes. Discounts are available for block bookings and multiple performances. One performance is $350, a second is $200 and a third is $100. An all-day price is $700. Fees begin at $350. There may be extra mileage costs.

Historian Lisa Marks: The “Unsinkable” Molly Brown

Contact: 573-248-1819,,

Cost & time: One hour performances.

Jay & Leslie’s Laughing Matters

Contact: 913-660-3162 (Jay), 913-660-5853 (Leslie),,,

Cost & time: 45minute program. $275 plus mileage. (Discounts may be available on select dates.)

Juggling Jeff

Contact: 314-852-1134,, (Also on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

Larry Brown, Storyteller

Contact: 573-642-9326,,

Mad Science

Contact: 314-991-8000,,

Mike Anderson

Contact: 217-473-5889,,,

Miss Andrea’s Musical Menagerie

Contact: 816-262-2052,,

Cost & time: Programs can be tailored to children, teens, adults. Average performance: 45 to 60 minutes. Cost: $250. Prices flexible, depending on date, time, number of programs and libraries. Travel expenses may apply.

Marshall Mitchell’s Cowboy Music for Kids

Contact: 479-466-2591,,

Targeted for pre-K to elementary, the performance can be with a full stage set or a smaller set.

Cost & time: Average performance is 45-60 min. Cost: $350 plus reasonable travel expenses. Discount for group bookings. Marshall is a member of Arkansas Arts on Tour and grant funding may be available through the Mid-America Arts Alliance,

National Storytelling Network

Contact: 1-800-525-4514,

Parasol Puppets

Contact: 660-684-6825,,

Cost & time: Average length of performance: 45 minutes. Cost: $235 per show plus travel expenses. Group bookings share the travel fee and save money! Parasol Puppets is included in the Missouri Arts Council Touring Roster Directory.

The Rockin Rob Show!

Contact: 913-963-1513,,

Cost & time: The show lasts about an hour, and the talent fee is $200.

SuperEric, the Hero of Magic

Contact: 913-262-7561,,

Thad Beach Music

Contact: 785-577-5181,,

Tom Bonham, Puppet & Marionette Productions

Contact: 314-409-5249,,

TruPrz Ministries

Contact: Tamara Kelly, 314-882-1125,,


Contact: 573-229-8815, 573-645-7076,,

5 thoughts on “Performer Showcase”

  1. I am an educator, historian, and folk musician. I teach history by way of musical intelligence. History comes alive when students hear songs from actual time periods of American History. They learn that our history has more than one point of view. The Missouri Arts Council has me on their roster. A list of my programs as well as my credentials can be found at

    Dee Mehl Ban

  2. I am emailing on behalf of Absolute Science. We are a science program based out of Davenport, Iowa. We are interested in your Performers Showcase and would love to know when/if we can get involved in your program. Can you please help me get in touch with the Youth Services person that is in charge of this event. Thank you.

  3. Hi there!
    I am a children’s performer in the St. Louis area, and I’m also looking to register for the performer showcase for 2019. It’s proven difficult this year as I’m having trouble finding the webpage or link to do so. I have already emailed Kristy Toplikar, but I did not receive a response. Can you help?

    Thank you,
    Libby Chiaradonna

    Ms. Libby’s Music Class

    • Thanks for your interest. The Performer’s Showcase is handled by MLA’s Youth Services Community of Interest. The current chair is Kristy Toplikar and her e-mail is I would contact her to ask who is in charge and go from there.


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