Professionalism, Education, Employment and Recruitment Community of Interest (PEER)

Mission Statement

The Professionalism, Education, Employment, and Recruitment (PEER) Community of Interest of the Missouri Library Association consists of members of the Missouri Library Association. PEER works toward meeting the needs of the members of MLA through its efforts in the areas of professionalism, education, employment and recruitment. Anyone interested in joining PEER is welcome.

Bohley Scholarship

It is the responsibility of PEER to coordinate the Ronald G. Bohley Scholarship fund and award the annual Bohley Scholarship. Eligibility criteria and the application can be found here.


PEER Bylaws

PEER Contact: Jennifer Beckley, CHAIR, 2022


2 thoughts on “Professionalism, Education, Employment and Recruitment Community of Interest (PEER)”

  1. Dear PEERCI,

    Jodi Bogerding suggested I contact you about this question. Last year, I was on the winning trivia team. A teammate, today, suggested that one of the prizes for winning last year was free admission to this year’s conference (or maybe trivia event?). Is any of that true?


    Jeffrey Berkbigler

    • Hi Jeffrey,
      I’ve scoured my files, and have found no evidence that there was any prize other than the satisfaction of being the best of the best, and a super awesome little trophy. However, it’s a good thought and I’ll bring it up as we plan for this year’s Trivia Night – hope to see you there!
      Take care,
      Cindy Thompson
      PEER CI Chair


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