•  Dissemination of information about MLA to members and to the general public via its website, as relevant.
  •  Maintenance of Jobline, the employment service of the Missouri Library Association.
  •  How the sub-committee is supporting the activities of the other Media and
  • Publications sub-committees.

Duties outlined in the MLA Handbook.

2019 Web Subcommittee:

Shelly McDavid, 2017-2019, CHAIR, or
Rachel Brekhus, 2012-2019, (Homepage, Conferences, Library Advocacy Day),
Amy Nickless, 2015-2019, (Committees, Financial Report postings, Join MLA),
Shannon Mawhiney, 2015-2019, (Graphics),
Blair Pickard, 2015-2019, (Jobline),
Cindy Thompson, 2016-2019, (Board Members),
Jennifer Combs, 2016-2019, (Communities of Interest, Building Block pages),
Kelly Martin, 2016-2019, (Awards),
Michelle Swane, 2018-2019, (Involvement, Regional Networking),
Sheryl Walters, 2014-2019, (MO Info),

Areas of website maintained by each individual listed in parenthesizes.