• Present a slate of two or more candidates for President-Elect, and no fewer than five candidates for Member-At-Large.
  • Candidates for Member-At-Large should alternate between academic/special libraries and public libraries/trustees beginning with public libraries/trustees libraries in 2012.
  • Present a slate of two or more candidates for American Library Association Councilor every three years (beginning in 2001). Nominations are in accordance with ALA guidelines.
  • Prepare and distribute the ballots and statements of professional concerns to all Individual members in a timely manner in order to permit notification of the winners at least twenty-one days prior to the Annual Business Meeting. All ballots must be received by the designated deadline.
  • Line up three MLA members in good standing to count the ballots after the designated election deadline.
  • In the event of a tie, prepare and distribute tie-breaker ballots to those eligible voters present at the Annual Business meeting who shall vote to determine the outcome.
  • Forward the names of the new officers to the MLA President for announcement at the Annual Business Meeting.

Duties outlined in the MLA Handbook.

2021 Nominating Committee:

Cindy Dudenhoffer 2020 Chair 2021

Cindy Thompson 2021 Ex-Officio 2021