2015 Membership Committee:
Chris Pryor, CHAIR, 2014-2016
Donna Bacon, 2012-2014 MOBIUS,
Eva Dunn, 2012-2014,
Rebecca Van Kniest, 2015,
Debbie Luchenbill, 2011-2014,
Laura Pirondi, 2010-2014 (and past-chair),
Amy Hanaway, 2014,
Liz MacDonald, 2015,
Tiffany Davis, 2015-2017,
Erin Gray, 2015-2017,
Heidi Vix, 2015-2017,
Christina Prucha ex-officio, 2015,

a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization operating to promote library service, the profession of librarianship, and cooperation among all types of libraries and organizations concerned with library service in the State of Missouri. Founded in 1900, MLA is proudly beginning a second century of service.