Media and Publications Committee


  • Work under the direction of the Executive Board in support of MLA and its units.
  •  Brief other committee members on the activities of their respective sub-committee. Duties of each sub-committee that may be reported upon include:
    •  Marketing:
      1.  The creation and distribution of public relations and marketing messages directed to the MLA membership, Missouri’s library community, and the Missouri public.
      2.  Creation and direction of promotional campaigns for events such as workshops, contests, and information/education programs such as National Library Week and National Library Workers Day.
      3.  Creation and direct sales of MLA branded merchandise.
      4.  Identification of the Association’s marketing needs.
      5.  Support of MLA units on a variety of projects each year.
    •  MO INFO:
      1.  Dissemination of information through MO INFO, MLA’s print publication.
      2.  Recommendation of updates to the MLA Publication Guidelines as needed.
      3. Support for the activities of Communities of Interest through MO INFO as requested.
      4.  Solicitation of articles and columns about library related issues from MLA members, the Missouri library community, and the greater library community as well.
      5.  The posting of invitations to read MO INFO on the Association’s social media.
    •  Social Media:
      1. Dissemination of information about MLA to members and to the general public via its social media platforms, as relevant.
      2.  Identification of new social media trends and their recommended adoption
      3. by the Association.
      4.  Creation, maintenance, and when necessary, implementation of a crisis communication plan.
      5.  Moderation of social media posts.
    •  Website:
      1.  Dissemination of information about MLA to members and to the general public via its website, as relevant.
      2.  Maintenance of Jobline, the employment service of the Missouri Library Association.
      3.  How the sub-committee is supporting the activities of the other Media and
      4. Publications sub-committees.
  •  Coordinate with other sub-committees to ensure that projects are handled by the appropriate sub-committee.
  •  Coordinate efforts to share tasks among sub-committees when necessary.
  •  Identify additional publication needs (e.g. new social media, print publication updates, marketing trends) and make recommendations to the Executive Board as appropriate.

Duties outlined in the MLA Handbook.

2023 Media and Publications Committee Chair – Brian McCann (