Legislative Committee


See Library Advocacy Day for registration and information about this important annual event.

MLA Legislative Priorities 2021 (PDF) (Word)

Duties (see MLA Handbook, 3.9.2) :

  • Maintain a network of librarians of all types, trustees, and citizens throughout the state to serve as contacts and to aid in disseminating information and gathering support for MLA’s legislative efforts.
  • Review and report to the MLA President on bills in the Missouri General Assembly affecting libraries in the state.
  • Act upon the instruction of the Executive Board.
  • Submit a legislative program for each year for approval by the Executive Board and for approval by the membership at the annual meeting.
  • Develop a legislative position statement for MLA, after consultation with the President, relating to legislative items which are not part of the legislative package but are of interest or concern to Missouri libraries.
  • Annually, consider a Missouri legislator(s) for the “Francis (Bud) Barnes Outstanding Legislator Award.” (see Section 5.9, MLA Handbook ) If one or more candidates is selected, the committee shall:
    1. Submit name(s) to MLA Executive Board for approval.
    2. Arrange for award to be presented at the MLA Conference.
    3. Prepare press releases regarding award for distribution to appropriate media outlets and forwards to Publication Chair.
  • In October of each year, review Legislative Advocate’s agreement, terms, remuneration, and performance and make recommendations to the Board for the following year.

Committee membership is  outlined in the MLA Handbook 3.9.1.

2020 Committee

Dan Brower, CHAIR, 2018-2020, dbrower620@gmail.com
Cody Croan, Vice-Chair, 2016-2020, ccroan@mymcpl.org
Jim Staley, 2017-2020, jstaley@mymcpl.org
Pam Klipsch, 2014-2020, pklipsch@jeffcolib.org
Jason Kuhl, 2014-2020, jkhul@stchlibrary.org
Christa Van Herreweghe, 2014-2020, christa@ucitylibrary.org
Margaret Conroy, 2018-2020, mconroy@dbrl.org
Katie Hill, 2018-2020, katie@capelibrary.org
Nate Elwood, 2020-2022, nathan.elwood@senate.mo.gov

Ex-officio members:

Tiffany Mautino, ex-officio, tmautino@mymcpl.org Chair, MLA Intellectual Freedom Committee
Randy Scherr, ex-officio, rischerr@swllc.us.com Legislative Advocate Non-Voting
Cindy Dudenhoffer, ex-officio, cmdudenh@centralmethodist.edu MLA President Voting
Cindy Thompson, ex-officio, thompsoncym@umkc.edu MLA President Elect Non-Voting
Tracy Byerly, ex-officio, mla@amigos.org Non-Voting
MO State Librarian, Invited Guest

Visit the Legislative Committee’s Engage site to stay up-to-date on library-relevant legislation and events.