Bylaws & Handbook


  • Review the Bylaws annually.
  • Bring to the attention of the Board any items needing revision.
  • At the direction of the Executive Board, prepare proposed revisions.
  • Work with the Nominating Committee to notify membership of proposed changes in advance of vote to be taken at the Annual Business Meeting.
  • If approved, prepare updated version of Bylaws and distribute to Publications Committee, Archivist, and add to Handbook.

Duties outlined in the MLA Handbook.


Bylaws (last revision: January 2018)
Handbook (last revision: November 2019)

2021 Bylaws & Handbook Committee:
Stephanie Hallam 2019-2021 Chair 2021
Sandy Schiefer 2019-2021
Theresa Kulsrud 2021-2023
Rene Burress 2021-2023
Dawn Mackey 2021-2023
Liz Rudloff 2021-2023
Cindy Thompson Ex Offico