Budget & Finance


  • Meet prior to the November Executive Board meeting with the incoming and outgoing committee members to prepare the budget for the coming year.
  • Send Executive Board members a copy of the proposed budget at least one week prior to the November Board Meeting where it will be approved.
  • Advise the Executive Board on all Association matters with significant fiscal impact.
  • Develop and maintain a fiscal policy manual for the Association (in Appendix D).
  • Prepare a report of the financial condition of the Association for the annual membership meeting.
  • Recommend long-range plans to ensure the fiscal strength of the Association.
  • Review, at least every three years, all regular income sources of the Association (i.e. membership dues, conference registration, vendor rates at conference) to determine if they need to be adjusted.
  • Advise the Executive Board on investment of Association funds.
  • Advise the Executive Board on capital purchases.
  • Submit annual professional auditor review to the Executive Board according to the schedule in the Fiscal Manual.

Duties outlined in the MLA Handbook.

2017 Budget & Finance Committee:

Mary Beth Revels, 2017 Treasurer and Member-at-Large (2016-2017), MRevels@sjpl.lib.mo.us
Vicky Baker, 2017 President, vbaker@mymcpl.org
April Roy, 2017 President-Elect, aprilroy@kclibrary.org
Tiffany Davis, 2017 CI Council Chair, davis.tiffanyd@gmail.com
Tracy Byerly, Amigos Library Services, ex-officio, mla@amigos.org
Keith Gartner, Amigos Library Services, ex-officio, mla@amigos.org