• Annually solicit nominees for most MLA Awards. Deadline for receipt of nominees is July 1st unless otherwise noted.
  • Submit name(s) to MLA President or Executive Board for approval.
  • Select the ALA Emerging Leader for sponsorship by MLA, with the approval of the MLA President and Executive Board.
  • Prepare press releases regarding awards for distribution to appropriate media outlets and forwards to Publication Chair.
  • Notify award winners as soon as possible after selection, so they may invite guests to the ceremony.
  • Present the Awards at the Awards Banquet during the MLA Conference (usually by the Awards Committee chair or an appointed representative and/or committee members).

Duties outlined in the MLA Handbook.

2018 Awards Committee:

Tony Benningfield, CHAIR, 2017-2020,
Meggan Moore  2017-2020,
Beth Ann Caldarello, Past Chair, 2015-2018,
April Roy, President ex-officio 2018

2018 Missouri Author Award Subcommittee:

Regina Cooper, CHAIR, 2016-2018,
Brian Grubbs, 2016-2018,
Lisa Sampley, 2016-2018,
Kara Drury, 2018-2020,
Michelle Franklin, 2016-2018,
Emma DeLooze-Klein, 2016-2018,
Heather Arnold, 2017-2019,
Ann Riley, 2017-2019,
Jenny Ellis, 2017-2019,
Rachel Grime, 2017-2019,
Jennifer Brady, 2017-2019
Kenneth Hardcastle, 2018-2020,
Megan Maurer, 2018-2020,
Jane Jones, 2018-2020,
LynnDee Wathen, 2018-2020,

For lists of Missouri Library Association awards, please see the “Awards” page and its subpages.