Congratulations to St. Louis County Library!

SLCL Logo Color Vert (2)The Public Relations Achievement Award recognizes a Missouri library for meeting a specific goal with outstanding public relations. SLCL “knew it was imperative to have an effective communication plan in place” so that service to patrons would not be interrupted as it began its ten year capital improvement campaign, Your Library Renewed. A special portal on the library’s website, social media, emails, and displays and literature in the branches all keep patrons informed about branch closings and the progress of the YLR project. St. Louis television, radio, and newspapers have been generous in their coverage. Patrons have been well-informed about which branch they should use while their home branch is closed and where their holds can be picked up. One measurement of the success of the public relations campaign revealed that circulation dropped only 6% during the first year of Your Library Renewed. The staff of St. Louis County Library has ensured that patrons continue to receive excellent library service during a massive building project. SLCL has twenty branches and circulated 14 million items in 2015.