2020 MLA Annual Conference

We are looking forward to seeing everyone September 30-October 2 in Springfield for MLA 2020: Envision, Engage, Empower.  Here are the board-approved rates for the 2020 Conference.  Early Bird Registration will open June 1.  Hopefully this will help you as you create your budget requests for the fall.

Early Bird Conference Registration Rates

Early Bird Conference Member$120.00
Early Bird Conference Non-Member$250.00
Early Bird One-Day Member$75.00
Early Bird One-Day Non-Member$205.00
Early Bird Full Conference Student$50.00
Early Bird Full Conference Retiree/Trustee/Friend$85.00

Conference Registration Rates

Full Conference Member$160.00
Full Conference Non-Member$290.00
One-Day Member$105.00
One-Day Non-Member$235.00
Full Conference Student$85.00
Full Conference Retiree/Trustee/Friend$120.00

Trade and Single Session Presenter Conference Registration Rates

One-Day Trade$85.00
Single Session Guest Presenter$120.00

Room rates will be $104 per night at the Oasis Hotel and Convention Center, Springfield, MO.  If you have questions about the conference, please reach out to Conference Coordinators Katie Hopkins and Jessie East at mla2020sgf@gmail.com

Conference Proposals

This year your Missouri Library Association conference is focused on the future. We want you to envision what’s next for your library, engage your staff and empower your users.  We are committed to providing attendees the opportunity to make new connections, experience new ideas, and innovate together for better libraries.

Please use this form to submit your proposal for the 2020 Missouri Library Association Conference, MLA 20/20: Envision, Engage, Empower September 30 – October 2 in Springfield, MO. We are accepting submissions for pre-conference sessions, breakout sessions, poster sessions, and table talks.  ALL PROPOSALS ARE DUE BY JUNE 1, 2020.

This is a great opportunity to share your knowledge and experience with your fellow library folks in Missouri!  Others may find new and fascinating something that seems commonplace for you.  Showcase an event or program your library is doing, illustrate a problem your institution faced and how you solved it, do a genre presentation, talk about your favorite technology for particular library tasks, highlight the awesome leadership training program you attended…the possibilities are endless!

Your conference coordinators will distribute these proposals to MLA Communities of Interest (CIs) as appropriate for sponsorship or co-sponsorship. Based on physical space and available rooms at the conference site, the conference coordinators will recommend the slate of selected programs.

PLEASE NOTE: Presenters are required to register for the conference. Vendors who would like to present at conference must partner with a library/librarian and must register for the conference under the full conference, single day or single session guest presenter pass.

Questions? Send them to mla2020sgf@gmail.com