MLA 2017: Conference Presentations

Conference presentations are posted below the instructions, in reverse alphabetical order by surname of presenter.

Instructions for Presenters

Presenters, please send any presentation files and handouts you wish to share to MLA Web Group Chair Rachel Brekhus, using  the following  file naming convention:

Presentation slides: Lastname-TitleFirstWord.pdf (If multiple presenters, separate surnames with hyphens, in the order they appear on the program.)

Example: Megahan-Ridlen-Theissen-Exploring.pdf

Presentation handouts:

  • Lastname-TitleFirstWord-handout for first handout
  • Lastname-TitleFirstWord-handout2 for second handout, etc.

The subject line on the email should be: Lastname MLA 2017 Presentation Materials. PDF is the preferred format for all files. If content is on Prezi or some other online location, the link may be used, but a file copy is preferred for archiving purposes. In the text of your email, be sure to include the full presentation title and presenters, as they appeared in the program.

Presentations Received