2118 MLA Conference: Better Untethered


Anti-Gravity of Libraries and Libraries in Anti-Gravity
MLA Annual Conference 2118

October 10-12, 2118

April Roy Memorial Terra Colony
2200 Interstellar Way SW
New Columbia, Mars 65200003

MLA is now accepting program proposals for Better Untethered, the 2118 Conference! Submissions will be accepted until April 11th.
For submission form and a few ideas for conference presentations, please see this submission site.

Corporate Co-Sponsors: SpaceX, Tesla, Tor…and many others!

MLA  2118 email:  2118mlacoordinators@terramail.com

Conference Co-chairs are:
Luke Debbiebill
Milly Kimberler

If you know what day today is, and you are looking for the 2018 conference, try this page.