Technical Services Community of Interest (TSCI) Call-to-Conference Award


TSCI Call-to-Conference Award seeks to support the professional development of an individual employed in a technical services role by encouraging participation in the MLA Annual Conference. The TSCI also seeks to expand its membership reach in order to build a stronger sense of community between those individuals employed in a technical services occupation in the state of Missouri. The TSCI Call-to-Conference Award provides one individual with reimbursement (or a waiver) for the cost of registration to attend the Missouri Library Association’s Annual Conference. Additional reimbursement for conference-related expenses (including travel, lodging and/or meals) will also be offered (up to $250).


Selection for the TSCI Call-to-Conference Award will be determined based on the following criteria. The award recipient must:

  • be employed in a technical services role in a Missouri library, with at least one year of work experience in a role (a technical services role may include responsibilities in cataloging, classification, metadata management, integrated library system administration, e-resource management, etc.)
  • be a current member of the Missouri Library Association
  • agree to join the TSCI listserv (if not already subscribed) and attend the TSCI meeting held during the MLA Annual conference; the recipient is also strongly encouraged to attend TSCI sponsored programs held during the conference
  • provide a written description detailing a recent technical services challenge that has been encountered and possible solutions or methods to address that challenge (300 words maximum, to be published in the MLA newsletter, MOInfo)

Additional selection considerations

  • preference will be given to individuals who have not yet attended an MLA Conference (applicants will be asked to specify if this is the case in their application)
  • current officers of the Technical Services Community of Interest are not eligible

Contact current TSCI Officers for more information.


Applications will be accepted beginning on August 1.
Applications must be postmarked or submitted on or before midnight August 20. The officers of the Technical Services Community of Interest will evaluate the pool of applications and choose one recipient within two weeks of receiving the applications. Notification of the winner will take place after MLA Board approval of the award recipient. If no suitable applications are received, the award will not be given that year.


To understand judging criteria, see this Review Form.

Past Recipients

2021 – Sara Luellen
2019 – Naomi Wolfson
2018: Deanna Davis
2017: Tomoe Urano