Patt Behler Call-to-Conference Award


The Patt Behler Call-to-Conference Award is sponsored by the Youth Services Community of Interest and is offered to introduce working librarians to the activities and programs of MLA and YSCI and to encourage involvement and on-going participation in the professional activities of those organizations.

a. Anyone who is currently working as a librarian with a major responsibility for serving children in any library in Missouri and who has not previously attended an MLA Conference is eligible. An MLS degree is preferred but not required. Preference will be given to applicants from outside the local conference site area.

b. The grant includes payment to cover first-time membership dues for MLA (if applicable); conference registration fees; Thusnelda Schmidt Lecture and meal expenses; and an autographed copy of one of the presenter’s books.

c. Grantees must sign an agreement to attend the Thusnelda Schmidt Lecture and the YSCI meal function. d. Application is made to the YSCI Chair by the deadline of August 1 of the current conference year.


Nomination Deadline: August 1.


2019 – Raymond Coke