Francis “Bud” Barnes Outstanding Legislator Award

The Francis “Bud” Barnes Outstanding Legislator Award is sponsored by the Legislative Committee and is given annually to a Missouri legislator in recognition of exceptional contributions to the welfare of Missouri’s libraries. The award is named in honor of State Representative Francis (Bud) Barnes (District 96) whose long devotion to Missouri libraries and whose contributions to library-related legislation are gratefully acknowledged. The Legislative Committee, along with the MLA Legislative Advocate and the Missouri State Librarian meet every summer. During that meeting those assembled discuss whether a legislator or legislators distinguished themselves in an exceptional way that would merit the award. If the committee determines that no one has significantly distinguished him or herself, the committee may choose not to make the award for that year. The MLA Legislative Advocate provides the plaque for the Award. The award winner is always invited to the annual awards banquet. However, it is more likely that the award will be presented in Jefferson City at the following Library Advocacy Day.


2019Representative Cody Smith
2016Rep. Justin Alferman;  
Sen. David Pearce
2014Rep. John McCaherty;  
Sen. Jolie Justus
2013Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal, District 14;
Sen. Brian Munzlinger, District 18
2012not awarded
2011Jacob Hummel, House District 108
2010Ryan Silvey, House District 38
2008, 2009not awarded
2007Rep. Allen Icet, District 84
2006Sen. Carl Vogel, District 6
2005Rep. Shannon Cooper, District 26;
Sen. Joan Bray, District 24
2004not awarded
2003Rep. Brad Roark, District 139;
Rep. Carl Beardon, District 16
2002Sen. Michael R. Gibbons, District 15;
Sen. John T. Russell, District 33
2001Rep. Dennis Bonner;
Rep. Tim Green
2000Sen. Joe Maxwell;
Rep. May Scheve
1999 (first year of award)Frances "Bud" Barnes


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