Current Building Block Award Nominees

PDF links will work when activity sheets become available.

The voting process will take place from September 1, 2020 through January 15, 2021.

For more information about the Missouri Building Block Picture Book Award program, go to our website
CoverTitle and AuthorActivity Sheet PDF's - coming soon for 2020!
DandyDandy by Ame DyckmanActivity Sheet
Duck!Duck! by Meg McKinlayActivity Sheet
Everybody Says MeowEverybody Says Meow by Constance Lombardo
Activity Sheet
Fear the BunnyFear the Bunny by Richard T. Morris

Activity Sheet
I Can Only Draw WormsI Can Only Draw Worms by Will MabbittActivity Sheet
OctopantsOctopants by Suzy Senior
Activity Sheet
Piranhas Dont' Eat BananasPiranhas Don’t Eat Bananas by Aaron Blabey Activity Sheet
Pokko and the DrumPokko and the Drum by Matthew ForsytheActivity Sheet
Shake the Tree!Shake the Tree! by Chiara Vignocchi and Paolo ChiarinottiActivity Sheet
What Does An Anteater Eat?What Does an Anteater Eat? by Ross Collins
Activity Sheet