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Note: All three of these news items appeared in very similar form in actual news articles and announcements from the second decade of the 20th century.

R.T. Coles Honored in KC

The Good Professor HimselfOne week ago, on June 5, 1915, Mr. Purd B. Wright, Public Librarian of Kansas City, called together the teachers and patrons of Garrison School in order that he might be present at the hanging of the picture of R.T. Coles, principal of Garrison school, in the library of Garrison Field House. Mr. Wright was on the eve of his departure to the librarians’ convention in California and desired to have this honor conferred on Mr. Coles before his departure.

Mr. Wright spoke of the years of service and devotion of Mr. Coles to the development of the Negro in the particular portion of the city where the Field House and library are situated; of his…ceaseless vigilance, the Garrison Square and the buildings thereon, which would stand as a monument to the 29 years he had labored among his devoted patrons of Garrison school. He declared that in no city had the Negroes a building similar to the Garrison library, and deemed it proper that the picture of Mr. Coles be placed upon the wall thereof, an honor to Mr. Coles shared by no other Negro in any public building west of the Mississippi River.

The picture was painted under the direction of the artist, Van Millet, and was presented to the library by Mrs. Richie C. Coles, who shares with her distinguished husband the love and appreciation of the patrons of Garrison school.

News from State Normal School #4 in Springfield

William DaggettMr. W. A. Daggett, who has been librarian of the Normal School for the past twelve years, has been appointed secretary of a Y.M.C.A. hut in the French Army. He left Springfield June 1 for the east, expecting to go to Princeton for special training, but on arriving there he was sent to New York City. On his arrival in New York he received his appointment for work in the French Army. He is now attending school in New York studying three and one-half hours a day, but he expects to sail at any time.

No one who has been connected with the Normal School will be missed more than Mr. Daggett. His broad education and his ability to talk on a great variety of subjects caused him to be called upon on many occasions, and no matter what the occasion was, he always had something worth while to say. At the library he has always been very accommodating, sparing no pains in his efforts to obtain the material desired by students. He organized the Y.M.C.A. at the Normal School and has always worked very earnestly in its behalf. The Normal School will miss him, but we are sure that he can do a greater service to humanity by this task which he has undertaken, than he would by staying with us.
To learn more about Missouri State University (the former State Normal School #4) and its library history, refer to the student newspaper and yearbook online. 

Library Rules To Live By at State Normal School #4

Early 1900s library at Missouri State University

  • Don’t forget to check the fine box frequently.
  • Don’t ask us to read your writing. It might be embarrassing to you if we couldn’t sometime.
  • Don’t swear at us. It won’t do any good.
  • Don’t look at us as though you thought we weren’t truthful when we tell you a book is out. Sometimes we do tell the truth.
  • Don’t flirt with the Library Force.
  • Don’t come inside unless you are a teacher or invited. ‘Tisn’t polite.
To learn more about Missouri State University (the former State Normal School #4) and its library history, refer to the student newspaper and yearbook online. 

Your MLA Board

Photo is Arthur Bostwick, MLA President 1916 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arthur_Elmore_Bostwick

Arthur E. Bostwick, President
Head Librarian
St. Louis Public Library

Photo is Frances, MLA Vice President 1916 https://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=48216363

Frances Fordice, Vice President
Sedalia Public Library

Photo is Lillian Griggs, possibly of St. Louis https://archives.library.illinois.edu/ala/wwi-librarian-uniforms/

Lilian Sutherland, 2nd Vice President
Head, Children’s Department
Kansas City Public Library

Image is of Margery Quigley Margery was a Missouri native who started one of the first bookmobiles in the northeast in 1916. http://www.gfjlibrary.org/about/history/

Mary E. Baker, Treasurer
St. Joseph Public Library

(These board members, actual MLA board members from about 100 years ago, were shown above the photos and contact information for the current MLA board.)

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13th Annual Meeting of the Missouri Library Association

“Library Economy & Bibliography”

October 24 – 26, 1912
St. Louis, MO

Join us for a joint meeting with the Illinois Library Association to be held in the beautiful new Central Library Building.

Future Conference Date:

October 22 – 24, 1913 – St. Joseph, MO, a joint meeting with the Kansas Library Association.

Disoriented by your trip through time? Remember today’s date and proceed to the actual 2017 conference page.

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If you wish to post a job, contact the Corresponding Secretary of the Missouri Library Association. Postal mail or delivery via pneumatic tube or carrier pigeon is acceptable.

Job seekers should check frequently for new postings.

Librarians, Comité Américain pour les Régions Dévastées, Blérancourt, France

Applicants from across the United States of America are welcome to apply for multiple librarian positions within the Comité Américain pour les Régions Dévastées (CARD/American Committee for the Devastated).  This volunteer organization will operate out of a château in the northern French village of Blérancourt near the Belgian border in order to provide assistance to citizens of war-torn France.

Potential Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Set up libraries in communities, including cataloging books and shelving books by the Dewey Decimal System.
  • Oversee adult and children’s reading rooms.
  • Conduct storytimes for French children.
  • Provide reader’s advisory and reference services.
  • Oversee the circulation reading materials to patrons.
  • Drive a bookmobile to isolated villages.
  • Serve as a resource for societal needs, including the ability to refer to other social service organizations.
  • Assist illiterate patrons in filling out needed forms and applications for social services or other war-related needs.
  • Cleaning of the facility to which you are assigned.
  • Assist in teaching French librarians about the needs of readers and ways to serve readers to make French libraries more open, user-friendly spaces.
  • Help French librarians to understand that books are for readers to use and enjoy, not just to serve research needs.
  • Assist in establishing the first open-access library in Paris.
  • May be asked to assist with the duties of other units within CARD, including but not limited to: working shifts in the dispensaries, teaching home economic classes, managing kindergarten classrooms, operating cinemas, and/or overseeing sporting events.
  • As the war continues, do your best to find a secure place to stay should the location of your assignment come under fire or siege.  Also, be prepared to assist in first aid endeavours.
  • Once the war is over, assist in the reconstructing of livelihoods of the French people who have suffered tremendously during this great war.

Experience Requirements:

  • Willingness to travel widely throughout France.
  • Exceptional organizational skills.
  • Must be self-driven and willing to work independently.
  • Minimum of a high school education.
  • Previous experience in librarianship preferred.

Other requirements: Must speak French, hold a driver’s license, and be financially self-sufficient.

Hours/Days: Monday-Saturday, must be available to assist during all daylight and evening hours.

Salary: None; this is a volunteer position.

For more information or to apply please write to Ms. Anne Tracy Morgan in Blérancourt, France. Additional information can also be found at this link.

Job Posted: April 1, 1917

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