April Fools 2016

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Librarian/Director, Little Free Library-McCormick’s Hay Field, Plattin, MO

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Solicit donations of books and other needed items from community members.
  • Provide homework assistance for children after school hours.
  • Dry and preserve waterlogged books in a semi-regular basis.
  • Fend off geocatchers attempting to place non-book objects in the library.
  • Deal calmly, creatively and yet uncompromisingly with outdoor insects.
  • Refrain from strict monitoring of the collections or circulation.
  • Work comfortably in a confined space (about 3.1 cubic yards).
  • Ensure nearby bird feeders are always full, including mixing sugar water for hummingbirds.
  • Care for the mules that pull the book wagon and drive the team on the book route.
  • Collaborate with institutional partners such as Farmer McCormick; engage in hay baling and similar duties as required.

Experience Requirements: Must have experience with both public libraries and farm life. No experience with technology will be required; the library will be ran as libraries were before computerization due to lack of electricity.  City folks need not apply.

Hours/Days: Full-time, except during harvest seasons.

Pay/Benefits: Unlimited fishing in Plattin Creek, which runs next to the former shed serving as the library, and an abundance of free fruits and vegetables over the summer and during fall harvest season from local farmers and avid gardeners.

For more information and an application, please follow this link.

Job Posted 4/1/2016

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Happy April Fool’s Day from the MLA Web Group!

Most of our Jobline ads are real, but this one is too hilarious to be true…

Fake Names for Committee Chairs

Happy Reeding-Moore, 2016-2017, reedingmore@molib.org –Annual/site selection

Santa Claus, 2016-2017, santaclaus@molib.org — Membership

Paige Turner, 2016-2017, paigeturner@molib.org –Awards

Vera K. Roule, 2016-2017, verakroule@molib.org — Bylaws

Julie Jokerst, 2016-2017, juliejokerst@molib.org — Intellectual Freedom

Lovey Tome, 2016-2017, loveytome@molib.org –Media

Moe Lawrence Curlin, 2016-2017, moecurlin@molib.org–Conference

Aldus Manutius, 2016-2017, aldusmanutius@molib.org –Budget

Marcus A. Buch, 2016-2017, marcusbuch@molib.org –Legislative

Libby Ryans, 2016-2017, libbyryans@molib.org –Nominating

Happy April Fools’ Day!  And the real list…