Events and Deadlines

Posted here are regular events and deadlines listed in the MLA Handbook, in chronological order.

January 1:  New MLA Board members assume their roles. At the first meeting of the year, the Executive Board selects the Secretary, Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer. (Handbook: 2.1.1)

January 15:  Deadline for Executive Board, Committees to submit up-to-date contact information of officers and other contacts to the Webmaster (Handbook: 5.8.4 F)

January 31:  Application Deadline for Thusnelda Schmidt Scholarship to YSCI chair (Handbook: 5.9.8 C b iii)

First board meeting of the year:

  • Chair and Vice Chair submit an annual report to the Executive Board at the first Board meeting of the calendar year to include the status of all Communities of Interest and an accounting of any funds dispersed to CIs during the past year. (Handbook: 3.3.2 D)

February 28: Deadline for YSCI chair to notify winner of Thusnelda Schmidt Scholarship (Handbook: 5.9.8 C b iii)

March 15: Deadline for receipt of payment of membership dues before a member is considered non-renewed (Handbook: Bylaws appendix, Article II, Section 3A)

June 1:  Deadline for applications for the Ronald G. Bohley Scholarship (Handbook: 5.9.8 B b iii)

July 1: Deadline for most MLA awards, “unless otherwise specified” (Handbook: 3.3.2 A)

August 1:

  • Deadline for the Awards Committee to consider the nominations and forward their recommendations to the MLA President for approval by the Executive Board (Handbook: 5.9.2 E)

August 31:  Deadline for MLA president to notify the winner of the Ronald G. Bohley Scholarship (Handbook: 5.9.8 B b iii)

October 1: After this date,  or after the annual business meeting, whichever is later, membership dues shall be considered as dues for the following year. (Handbook: Bylaws appendix, Article II, Section 3B)

November 1:

  • Deadline for the Community of Interest Council Chair to present budget request for activities to the Community of Interest Council Chair, based on the program of activities planned by the CI for the coming year. (Handbook 4.5 B)
  • Deadline for the current Chair and Vice Chair, along with the incoming Vice Chair to work together to prepare the financial requests submitted from CIs for the following year for the Board (Handbook A)
  • Deadline for all committee chairs to prepare an annual budget request for the coming year with justification to be submitted to the Treasurer (Handbook 5.5.1 C)

November Board Meeting: There shall be a board meeting in November to approve the budget (Handbook: 2.1.3)

December 31:

  • Deadline for Communities of Interest to file an annual report before being put in abeyance (Handbook B). Communities of Interest in abeyance are not eligible to receive financial support and are restricted from sponsoring MLA activities. (Handbook 4.4)
  • Deadline for each Community of Interest to submit an annual report of its activities to the Communities of Interest Chair. The annual report shall be published through appropriate association publication. (Handbook 4.6 A)
  • Before leaving office, the current CIC Chair will submit all CIC materials for the year, including annual reports, to the Archivist and make them public through appropriate association publication. (Handbook 3.6.4)