2018 Building Block Award Winner Announced

“The children of Missouri have spoken, selecting Pug Meets Pig, written by Sue Lowell Gallion and illustrated by Joyce Wan, as the winner of the 2018 Missouri Building Block Picture Book Award. Over 22,000 preschoolers and kindergartners participated this year — which is up by about 3,000 from last year!”, announced 2018-2019 Building Block Awards Chair Brandi Hamlin in a recent email.

“The Missouri Building Block committee wants to thank all of the teachers, librarians, parents, and caregivers who read to their kids and helped them vote. Your support is what made this such a successful event! For more information about the Missouri Building Block Picture Book Award program, go to our website molib.org/awards/building-block-award,” continued Hamlin.

The committee plans to announce 2019 nominees in early February.