October 14 is MO Libraries Snapshot Day!

MLA, MPLD, and MASL are asking libraries to post images, videos, and stories about what’s going on in their library this one random day in October.

Why? Too many people don’t know what do in 21st century libraries. On 10.14.15, tell your story with images, video, and text. Show that we matter and share stories about how our services touch lives and are relevant to the 21st century.

How? Do nothing special. Just record what’s happening in your library. Post those stories to your website, Facebook, Twitter feed, Instagram, or YouTube account. Post it to MLA’s Facebook page if you don’t have another venue. Tag it with ‪#‎molibraries. Take “people pictures,” and have the people in them sign the release form (MLA General Photography Release Form) (Photo Release Form for Minor Children). We’ll do the rest.

What happens next? Advocate for libraries! We’ll gather these stories and post them to our Storify site – https://storify.com/MOlibraries. Share the URL with your legislators when they come to visit your library or send it to them and invite them to learn more about what we do on a daily basis.

Who can participate? Everyone – all libraries and all activities. We may be public, academic, school, or special. At our core, our mission is the same. Show that mission in action on 10.14.15.

Questions? Contact Christina Prucha at mlapresident@molib.org

How To Talk With Your Legislator presentation

MLA is excited to offer a new webinar resource created by Susan Burton at MALA!  This 12 minute presentation will introduce you to best practices when engaging your senator and/or representative.  Learn how to build a relationship with your state legislators and how to advocate effectively for your library and Missouri libraries.  In this short presentation, you’ll learn how to initiate a conversation with your senator or representative, how to phrase your concerns in language and ideas they will appreciate, how to invite them into your library, and ideas on what to show them once they are there.  This is a great introduction or refresher for all of us and it’s available free to all MLA members.  If you want to learn how to advocate for your library or libraries in general,, or if you just want a refresher course, start here!


MLA members should watch their email for a message from MLAPresident@molib.org containing the password.