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Officer Duties

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Chair duties:

  • Presides at all meetings of the Steering Committee and the SIG as a whole
  • Attends all MLA Executive Board meetings, as a non-voting member
  • Attends all Youth Services Division meetings
  • Plans, with the help of the Steering Committee, SIG programs and activities
  • Attends all conference planning meetings
  • Submits conference program request forms for the Annual Conference
  • Plans author visit for Thusnelda Schmidt luncheon
  • Provides the Vice-Chair with the documents necessary for them to function as the SIG's Chair
  • Provides copies of required archival materials and prepares yearly report

Vice Chair duties:

  • Conducts or attends meetings in the absence of the Chair
  • Assists with the planning of SIG programs and activities
  • Required to attend the final Executive Board meeting with the Chair
  • Responsible for communication with membership through regular submissions of MoInfo articles, listserv communications, and website updates
  • Serves as a member of the Missouri Building Block Picture Book Committee
  • Creates new content for website
  • Keeps content on website current (checks links, changes information with webmaster at beginning of the year, submits dates for events page)

Recorder duties

  • Records all official actions of the SIG
  • Takes minutes at all meetings
  • Provides a copy of all meeting minutes to the Chair for archival purposes
  • Provides support for Annual Conference
  • Provides table decorations for the Annual Thusnelda Schmidt Children's Luncheon event



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